The Google Chromebook: Intermediate user’s guide

User’s Guide here: My latest new toy is a Samsung 303C Chromebook. For those who don’t know what these devices are they essentially are very secure, inexpensive netbooks that are Wi-Fi only cloud-based computing devices. In a nutshell they are really just a browser and not much else. All apps and data that the […]

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In Praise of LightWeight Linux Desktop/Laptop Software Applications

I suspect that the vast majority of desktop/laptop users do not realize the great wealth of wonderfully fast and lightweight software applications that exist today. If you are like the majority of people under the age of forty years old you probably were raised in a Microsoft Windows era, possibly switching to Apple if you […]

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Latest, most “secure” USN vessel does NOT use MS Windows

As expected the newest and most high-tech USN vessel ever launched will be running Linux, not OSX and most certainly not Microsoft Windows. If you are someone who is fed up with the insecurity, cost and slowness of MS Windows now is a great time to switch to Linux. If you need justification, do you […]

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Amateur Astronomy as a new hobby for you?

Introduction The idea behind this blog is to present my initial impressions as a newcomer to the hobby of observational amateur astronomy – and present some suggestions as to why you might or might not be interested in adding a fantastic hobby to your life. I should point out my experience level so you know […]

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Bicycle Brake and Derailleur Tune-Ups: Prep Work!

Introduction This blog entry is about basic bicycle tune-ups for the newbie home bicycle mechanic. I will deal only with derailleurs and brakes. I will not be presenting step by step methodologies, rather this is mostly about how not to fall into traps and to remedy the lack of attention to the prep work that […]

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How I became an Atheist – one person’s little story….

This is going to be my most personal blog to date, so bear with me if you are interested in a story of a very small part of my life. I grew up in a very Catholic family with my three younger sisters and a Mom and Dad who took us to church every week […]

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Homemade Rechargeable Power Pack for Amateur Astronomers

Intro For many years now I have been an armchair amateur astronomer. I enjoy reading about astronomy, cosmology and attending talks at the local astronomy club, but have never been an active observer since I was a teenager (I owned a cheap 4.5″ telescope back then). However, I recently won a lovely Celestron CR-150HD 6″ […]

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